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Marc Wong

Very good article. And glad you had a good holiday.
More people need to listen by putting the speaker's speaking, thinking and feeling needs first. And we mustn't just take turns to talk. We should take turns to listen.
Listening is like flexibility and suppleness. It allows you to maximize your strengths and avoid injury.

Jim Lemay

Implied is asking [relevant or leading] questions during the conversation.
Nice article.

Phil Salopek

Very nice article Chip. In addition to the points you raise, it should not be underestimated the impact to the speaker to know they have someone truly listening to them. Most of us have probably been the beneficiary of good listening less than we would like, but can probably recall those that were the best listeners and reflect on those individuals most positively. Good stuff- keep it up!


Thanks for this article. Listening is so important. Too few people do enough of it (me included!) and even fewer understand that it is a skill which must be acquired and developed.

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