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Scott Barnett

Chip I think you nailed it. The other thing we tried was instant chat - if a developer was "stuck" on something, poring through the online help is good, but sometimes not immediate enough. As you mention, their time is precious, so if a few minutes chat gets them over the hump, that's a huge plus.

Alex Salazar

Great article Chip! I particularly love #10. Even the most die hard developer-centric company can sometimes forget that the developer still has to convince someone to budget and approve a significant purchase.

Thanks for capturing all this in one place.

Claire Hunsaker

Thanks, Chip - this is prescient and helpful. I love thinking of "Time to Value" both as an internal goal and a market differentiator. I would push back on #8 - ultimately the other bullets describe savvy marketing activities (says the marketer). "Speak their language, solve their problems, add value first" - these are the first steps in being an valuable community member, which is where grassroots marketing starts, but not where it ends. I can think of companies in this space who regretted not bringing in a marketer earlier; engineers are swamped, and coordinating all these activities is a lot of work.


Great stuff! #8 is super important for today's connected and savvy developers. Add value first, and trust and business can follow.

Michael Campbell

Great post Chip.

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