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Diane Zuckerman

This is very good advise and clearly you have great insight into many company CEOs/entrepreneurs whereas I can only speak from my own entrepreneurial experience. However, I would add one more element that would speak to Feature Creep and Focus. Maybe this comes in the Alignment bucket. As a CEO entrepreneur who strives for 110% of myself and the team, I also want the absolute best and 'right' product and I have to tell myself (and make everyone else tell me) to STOP the feature creep, keep it simple as you can always improve on the product. In that same vein, entrepreneurs are always thinking of additional products so focus and priority are really important - do one thing well and you can always do more. BTW- I like your visual and will use it (and attribute to you, of course).

Chip Hazard

Diane, Thanks for the comment. I agree with you 100% that focus is critical, and often hard for talented and creative entrepreneurs. I was thinking it would generally be in the alignment bucket. I also agree with you on feature creep, which to me is part of executing rapidly. Getting things out early and then iterating really fast is an important mantra.

Desmond Pieri

Chip, I like point you make in the sixth section; if one does not have a plan, then there needs to immediately be "a plan for a plan." Often, in coming up with the plan for a plan, one gets a good start down the glide path of solving the problem.

Aneel Bhusri

Very good piece that I found valuable as a CEO AND VC:-). Hope all is well with you.


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