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Greg White

On demand information, everywhere. I can already see this with my kids - when they want to know something, they'll be looking for the answer to immediately appear, be it from a computer or from a cell phone. The notion of that information not being available to them right away would strike them as inconceivable.

This stretches to all content. CD's were dominant for 30 years or so. I figure mp3's and their ilk will last about 15, tops, at which point you won't really be storing content locally for any reason.

Patrick Sweeney

Your kids have the right idea - the big investment will be in the back-end that enables on-demand information. On demand information will require two critical components - a unique identifier (this will be an RFID tag and EPC#) and database storage/analytics (BI). Apple is putting significant investment into embedding RFID readers into iPhones so that consumers will be able to tap everything from payment and price comparisons to location and Facebook-friend proximity. In 10-15 years there will be more RFID readers than servers in most corporations for the automated info feeds they provide.

Lori Webber

Chip - pass this uTube video (a bit long) on nanotechnology along to the Hazard "baker's dozen" for some additinal conversation! My 13 year old wants his now... :-)


Chip Hazard

Thanks Lori. Very cool and lots of food for thought!


How about the general area of cloud computing, SaaS, etc.? People are going to wonder when they ever needed to use their own hard drives, software, etc.

Or even cash? There are probably lots of people these days who use a credit card, PayPal, or other electronic payment services 90% of the time and pull out cash only to pay the food truck guy!

Ultimately, we're moving (and having been moving) away from the tangible / concrete to the intangible / unseen.


Eternal "life" via uploading of memory/essence/personality (soul?) into silicon-based platforms

Chip Hazard

Thanks. Now that is an idea we did not come up with, but you could well be right!

- chip

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