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Desmond Pieri

I like the thought of getting it down to a single slide, or maybe even a singer twitter message! In a previous life, I taught new sales reps how to write proposals for selling computer systems. Everyone's proposals always seemed to come out around 45 - 50 pages, and this was in the days BEFORE word processing. I used to teach the reps that they could keep the long proposal, but they HAD to write a one page summary that a senior executive could read and give a "yes / no" buy decsion.

I would recall the story (maybe an urban myth, I never found out) that the CEO at Boeing at the time that Boeing was deciding to build the 747 insisted that nothing reach his desk that was longer than one page long. Since the computer systems we were selling were far cheaper than the 747, I'd argue we should be able to get our proposals down to a page.


What's your elevator pitch, Chip?

Chip Hazard

I normally just say Friend of Rich!

But if forced to live up to my own posts, i would say:
"early stage VC partnering with passionate entrepreneurs to create tech
companies that address significant pain points in large markets" (134

On 9/29/09 12:58 PM, "typepad@sixapart.com" wrote:


In the movie business, they say, "Pitch me the poster."

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