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Excellent list Chip, wise advice. And how about:

1. I will make an effort to stay active and exercise my body and mind too, recognizing that my energy/stamina affects others and is essential to succeed.
2. I won't fall into optimizing for fundraising and exit, even though they are much more glorified than getting a new customer. Staying focused on tangible business success will result into the ability to fundraise and/or sell, not the other way around.
3. I will make a point to walk, breathe, sleep and plan. It's not the unhuman number of hours that count, but the outcome. There are countless ways to waste an hour on a problem, stuck at a desk. Don't feel guilty for walking to let your mind see the solution, once clearer.


This is awesome. Well done, Chip.

Chip Hazard

Olivia - thanks for the excellent additions! It is a long road, so staying healthy, fit and sane is critical. I also could not agree more: raising capital may be necessary, but it is not the end goal!

Mark Gavagan

I would constantly ask "If you could magically change anything about me or our company/product/service, what would it be?" and then REALLY LISTEN.


"...threatens to quick" or "...threatens to quit"?


Good stuff! Thank you, I intend to re-read this weekly


Hi! Great insights!... Why would your company name not have capital letters in any place other than the first letter?? Is there a specific reason for that???

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