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Mark Rodman

Chip, in the late 90's I worked for a systems integration firm. Many of our projects were delivered by developers from India. I would literally pick them up at the airport and drive them to interview with our client's project manager.

I was so impressed with their technical acumen, sense of family, and desire to please the client.

As the president of a recruiting firm that serves VC backed technology companies, I have since noticed that my impression - although favorable - was way too narrow. I now have several clients where the CEO, VP of Sales, and VP's of Professional Services are originally from India.

They US economy has benefitted considerably from their smarts, business acumen, and drive.

It's all good.



Lara Muller

No. We don't want our venture Capitol to go to foreigner people.
We want our own revenue for our own people. Period.
Your statistics are false. We are in a depression since wrcatarted lettjng too many foreign students instread of our own citizens study.
Americans don't need foreigners in schools here or business.
We need our children to be educated in our schools and with in our companies. We have a recession and immigrants who are in dire persecution or war are welcome here. Opportnists are not.
Praise Jesus Christ.

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